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The PlusCalculator gives you a rough estimate of what your website will cost you. We present a short example of a website containing 5 webpages with a newsletter as additional functionality.

We assume that a HTML site instead of a Flash website was selected by the client. Set quantity to "4" on the row "Style of website", since on average the creation of a new style takes about 4 hours. Next fill in "5" for quantity on the row "Webpages". Notice how the total cost is automatically updated every time you change the quantities and click outside an entry field or press "Enter". Next, set the quantity on the row "PHP code" to "3". The latter number corresponds to the number of hours it takes to create a newsletter using PHP.

Finally, you have to choose a webhosting package, unless you already have a webhosting provider. "Light" is only recommended for fun/hobby websites, "Medium" for a normal business site that has no extreme requirements when it comes to functionalities, "Power" for a large business site that has extreme requirements when it comes to functionalities.

Item UnitQtyTotal
Style of website
Web pages page
PHP code hour
Total (non-recurrent)    
Total (yearly)    

All prices in Euro and excl. 21% VAT

¿Cuanto cuésta?

How much will this cost me? For a rough estimate, use our PlusCalculator.

Technical details

You want to know more about the technology we use or you simply need some extra explanation, then click here...

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