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The Chinese proverb "An image tells more than a thousand words" definitely holds for websites. If you want to know what you can expect from us, nothing beats evaluating our prior projects.

CLT summer course
tickets gratuits et entrees gratuites pour batibow 2014 A la recherche de tickets gratuits pour Batibouw 2014? Utilisez notre nouveau service Bativox Ticket Match et peut-être recevrez-vous très bientôt une entrée gratuite pour Batibouw 2014, offerte par l'un de nos fabricants de produits du bâtiment.

Optiek Vets-Van Roost
web design portfolio The goal of this website is to inform the potential clients of Optiek Vets-Van Roost. On the website you will find the different brands they sell as well as some practical information such as the opening hours and a roadmap.

web design portfolio The goal of this website is to inform the potential clients of Schuilenburg. On the website you will find the machines they sell as well as a page where you can buy second hand coffee roaster.

CLT Café
web design portfolio This is a part of the website of the CLT (Centrum voor Levende Talen), a language institute in Leuven, Belgium. The CLT programme offers 13 foreign languages, but their students belong to more than 90 different nationalities. The CLT wanted to use this fact to bring persons having as mother tongue language A while learning language B, in contact with persons having as mother tongue language B while learning language A.
To this end SurfPlus developed a database driven website, called the CLT Café. Members of the CLT Café can find their perfect language match by selecting one or more languages they are fluent at and languages they want to learn. To avoid any overhead for the CLT personnel, the website contains a fully automated registration procedure and procedures allowing members to update their personal data. Finally, it should come as no surprise that the site is a multilingual site.

web design portfolio The goal of this website is to inform potential visitors of our client's holiday house. Since the target group consists of people living at a large distance from the holiday house, it is of utmost importance that the website gives a good idea of what the house looks likes and in which activities people can participate in the neighbourhood.

Studie Penne
web design portfolio This is a study of the previously mentioned holiday house in Penne. Only visit this site if you have a broadband access (ADSL, cable or faster) or if you have lots of spare time!
After careful consideration, we advised the client to choose for the faster html version, so that the website was accessible to a larger audience. In the mean time it allows the client to make changes by himself.

Recent news

New administration module for CLT summer course is online! The integrated document management system implies an increased efficiency of the enrollment procedure.


If you cannot wait to see what we can do for you: Holiday home in Penne, ...

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