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Technical details

Dynamic webpages: Web pages can either be static or dynamic. "Dynamic" actually means that the webpage is dynamically generated by the server when it is requested by a web browser. The difference is best explained by means of an example of a dynamic website. Click here. In the new browser window you find the menu of an imaginary restaurant. The restaurant owner having a dynamic website can easily add new dishes to his menu by means of an administration module. Click here to see what this actually means. Fill in the number of items you would like to add, click on "Ga verder", fil in a name (per dish) as well as a price for a small portion and a price for a normal portion; next click on "Ga verder", click on "Bekijk het resultaat" (notice that you end up at the menu page that you opened at the beginning of this session). As you can see: the new dishes have been added, without any programming knowledge. This is made possible through the use of dynamic webpages: when calling such a page data (here the name of the dish and the corresponding prices) from a database are combined with the layout. As you can see: you were able to add a new dish without any programming knowledge.

Flash: This software allows to design highly graphical websites, including movies and sound effects. You need a specific "plugin" to view such websites. Most browsers have this plugin installed by default. When you do not have the plugin or you want the latest version, you can download it for free.
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HTML: This abbreviation stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the lingua franca of webdocuments. As a matter of fact, an HTML file is an ascii file in which HTML tags allow the designer to change the layout, add links, ... (note: HTML tags are interpreted by the web browser).
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MySQL: To store the information present at your webs site in a structured, safe and fast accessible way, it is best to use a database. MySQL is the most popular Open Source Database designed to execute critical tasks fast and accurately.
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PHP: PHP is an extremely popular scripting language. It is used by webprogrammers to add complicated functionalities to a website. The PHP code is embedded in the HTML file and is interpreted by the webserver before sending the page to the webbrowser.
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Webhosting: Once we have built your website, it should be accessible to everyone having internet access. Therefore your website needs to be placed on a server (to put it simple: a server is a computer) of a webhosting company. Depending on the requirements of your website, you will need a different webhosting package. The website of an online store should be placed on a powerful webserver and should have a high "uptime". The website of your favourite tennis club is probably not that "critical" since the economic consequences of it being down are not that big. By now you should get the picture: if you dig into the market of webhosting companies, you will find a broad range of companies and packages they offer: you will find packages ranging from packages claiming 99,9% "uptime", servers protected by advanced fire protection systems, uninterruptible power supplies,... to extremely low price package ... of which you cannot expect miracles of course. Through our knowledge of the webhosting market we can advise you the webhosting company that best fits your needs at the lowest cost.

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